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“in the event of total divergence between the people and the government, there are only two possible solutions:
to change the government or to elect a new people!”

Bertolt Brecht

 Centre for Direct Democracy Studies
University of Białystok – Faculty of Law – Department of Political Science

     The Centre for Direct Democracy Studies (CDDS) – a research unit within the Department of Political Science at the University of Białystok – was established in December 2011 by decision of Faculty Board. The Centre is devoted to analytical, theoretical, prospective and comparative research on direct democracy (especially the notions of citizens’ initiative and referendum), democratic deficit and the role of direct democracy in regional integration. Geographically, the Centre is particularly interested in Central and Eastern Europe, the European Union and its Member States, and other emerging supranational organizations.
           The Centre takes an interdisciplinary approach and therefore combines experts in legal, political and social sciences. The Centre was established in order to foster and institutionalise the research on direct democracy in Eastern Europe. The Centre’s work focuses on research, teaching and policy advice. The Centre’s working languages are English and Polish.


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