In solidarity with Ukraine

The war in Ukraine continues. Before 4 a.m. Polish time, Russian President Vladimir Putin announced the start of a military operation in the eastern part of Ukraine. The President of Ukraine, Volodymyr Zelenski, has imposed martial law.

As a representative of the community of the Faculty of Law, University of Bialystok, I express my firm opposition to the violation of Ukraine's independence and sovereignty. I am convinced that I do so not only on my own behalf, but also on behalf of all the employees, students and doctoral students of the Faculty of Law. We condemn Russia's unlawful aggression and its actions against our neighbours, which violate the principles of international peace and security. We must be united in supporting the independence, as well as the dignity and consequent rights, of free Ukrainian citizens. We must also be open to any form of assistance - states Professor Mariusz Popławski, Dean of the Faculty of Law.

There is no excuse for Russia's aggression against Ukraine. This unacceptable act deserves to be opposed and condemned. An attack on a sovereign state in the name of an incomprehensible decision by representatives of an authoritarian state - this is an unprecedented violation of all norms of international law. Hold on Ukraine, be brave and defend yourself effectively! - adds Dominika Litwinczuk, Chairwoman of the Law Faculty Student Government Council, on behalf of the students.

As the Faculty of Law, students and staff, we disagree with the armed attack and condemn Russia's actions.